Resume Writing

It’s normal to feel confused or overwhelmed when you write your resume- there’s lots of conflicting advice out there. Job searching is not the time to be humble! You can’t just tell people how great you are- your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile have to show them! I can help you discern specific examples that highlight your experience, expertise, and accomplishments, so you can tell your story with confidence and level up.

My process isn’t cookie-cutter like lots of others. I listen and get to know you first. Then, I start writing.

Client Results

  • Peace of mind!
  • ATS-friendly documents that reflect you and your experience.
  • Stronger ability to career experience, strengths, and accomplishments.

Writing Packages Include

  • Call One– approx. 45 minutes to gather information, learn history, accomplishments
  • Draft One– delivered 7 business days from Call One
  • Call Two– approx. 30 minutes to discuss edits and additions
  • Draft Two– delivered 5 business days from Call Two
  • Client reviews
  • Monica sends final document
  • Unlimited email access during writing process


Two calls
Investment: $599 full up-front
$649 if choose installment payments

Resume & Cover Letter OR Resume & LinkedIn Profile

Three calls
2 for resume
1 for cover letter/LinkedIn
Investment: $749 full up-front
$799 if choose installment payments

Resume, Cover Letter, and LinkedIn

Four calls
2 for resume
1 for cover letter
1 for LinkedIn
Investment: $899 full up-front
$949 if choose installment payments

Career Coaching

Transition and uncertainty are hard. It’s normal to feel stuck or confused. Career change is especially challenging because so much of our identity is tied to “what we do.”

The good news is, I’ve been there, too and I can help.

As your career coach, it’s my job to listen for patterns, themes, and relationships to help you uncover what’s really going on and what can be learned from it. We’ll discuss potential blind spots, how you can gain clarity on next steps, and then create a plan of action.

Client Results

  • Stop spinning!
  • Clarity that yields confidence.
  • Direction that yields motivation.
  • Strategy that yields action.

Coaching Programs

  • Undivided time and attention devoted to you and your goals
  • 360* aerial-view = objective advice
  • Unlimited email access throughout coaching relationship
  • Summary notes and homework delivered 7 business days after each call
  • 15-minute check-in 30-days out from final call

Power Hour

60 minutes of 1:1 coaching
Perfect for LinkedIn Updates, Resume Refreshes, or Mock Interviews! Does not include notes or follow-up. One time use.
Investment: $149 full up-front


Three hours of 1:1 coaching
Call content to include: Clarity, Direction, and Strategy
Investment: $899 full up-front
$949 if choose installment payments


Five hours of 1:1 coaching
Additional check-ins 60 & 90 days out from Call 5
Investment: $1,499 full up-front
$1,999 if choose installment payments

Speaking and Training

Drawing from my lived experiences as a business owner, educator, mom, wife, and advocate, I’m a subject matter expert on: mid-career rewards and challenges; pivoting to new industries; and advocating for those in need. I share successes and failures, while also trying to make people feel safe and laugh at themselves a little. I have experiences in a variety of venues: podcasts, live TV, radio, 1:1 meetings, and large audiences.

I offer a variety of engagement formats, including full and half day sessions and keynote speeches. Presentations can be tailored to meet the needs of any group. I look forward to helping you and your team achieve your goals.

You Might Have Seen/Heard Me Chat About

MBTI Workshops

The MBTI is a powerful tool that increases self-awareness and helps people become stronger leaders, better communicators, and more effective team members. Since 2004, I have administered the instrument to large (60+) and small groups (5-10) and can tailor workshops to meet any group’s training needs. Once we agree on the focus of your session, I email the participants a link to the instrument. Participants take the instrument electronically, at a time and setting of their choosing. Each participant receives a printed profile with information specific to them and their type. 1-1 consults are always available for individuals who have questions or want more in-depth coaching.

“Results” workshops can be half or full-day, depending on the size and developmental needs of your group. Workshop topics include but are not limited to: self-awareness; leadership development; career development; conflict management; and teamwork. I have delivered the MBTI to 100s of individuals, students, staff, faculty, and teams. The results are amazing! Let me show you how the MBTI can improve your leadership and accelerate your team!

Past Clients Include

  • American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics (ASPET) Mentoring and Career Development Committee
  • Michigan Society of Association Executives (MSAE) Young Professionals Group
  • Bright Horizons Family Solutions

Michigan State University

  • College of Veterinary Medicine Staff and Students
  • Graduate School Broadening Experience in Scientific Training (BEST) Program
  • Women’s Networking Association
  • College of Nursing
  • EAD 801: Leadership and Organizational Development
  • AEE 412: Agriculture and Natural Resources Leadership and Education
  • University Activities Board (UAB) General Membership
  • Women’s Leadership Conference
  • Chapter of Delta Epsilon Chi (DECA) Member Training
  • Lear Corporation Career Service Center Student Leader Training
  • Inter-fraternity and PanHellenic Councils Executive Board Training
  • Department of Student Life Staff Retreat

Madonna University

  • UNV 1010: Transition to Higher Education
  • Student Leader Training
  • CPI|TRIO Staff Retreat